The Marjorie Van Buren Award

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The inspiration for the Marjorie Van Buren Award came from past members of the school community, who remembered Marjorie, her smile, and her enthusiasm fondly. For years, members of the school staff and the local community went above and beyond to include Marjorie in our district activities, particularly sporting events. Many of us who attended basketball games remember Marge fondly, with Pom Poms, cheering for our boys’ team. Through their thoughtful actions of including Marjorie in these events, people made our community a better place.

Some background on Marjorie:

From Leader Herald obituary

“Marjorie was a pupil in the Broadalbin Central School District up until there was no longer any help available for students with learning disabilities such as she struggled with all her life. Marjorie’s mother left when she was a toddler, leaving Marjorie to be cared for by her father and elderly grandmother, Minnie Granger Van Buren. After her grandmother was no longer able to care for and be responsible for her, Marjorie was in Foster Care for a period of time, living in a variety of places in Fulton County. Her father had become ill and was institutionalized when she was a young girl. She eventually found stability and routine at the former Broadalbin Home for Adults on Main Street. Marge was a resident / helper there for nearly 30 years. She helped out doing basic chores and running errands around the village as much as she could. Later on she resided at the Benedict Home, also on Main Street, before eventually becoming part of the Liberty Day Treatment Program in Amsterdam and moving out of the village into Liberty Housing. Marge found her forever loving home in 2004 when she moved to the Liberty –ARC Home in Glen, N.Y. ”

“Marge proudly wore an outfit that mimicked the Broadalbin Cheerleader Outfits, complete with Saddle Shoes and Pom Poms, to all the games. She cheered loudly for “her school” despite having never graduated.”

This award will be given to 2 nominees who meet the following criteria:

  • Community involvement
  • Decency and respect toward all others
  • Positive attitude
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Being of service to others

Please consider nominating a student that you find worthy of this award. This award will be given to a graduating senior, or student of graduation age in a life skills curriculum who has satisfied graduation requirements. Explain how your nominee has contributed to the well being of the school community through their actions and deeds. This award isn’t based on academic achievement, but on trying your best, working hard, being positively involved in your community and being good to others.

Please submit your nominations to Julie Carson at on or before May 18.